About Otakugame.fr

Otakugame.fr is a videogame blog with a lot of enthusiasm !

What run the video­games ? Fun ! At Otakugame.fr, the love of gaming is our let­mo­tiv. We are here to dis­co­ver toge­ther new games concept, and share our emo­tions as a player.

But why "Otakugame"?

Otakus are the peoples with obses­sive inter­ests, com­mon­ly the anime and man­ga fan­dom in Japanese. And I am a video­game ota­ku ! I dis­co­ve­red this world in the Japan culture by playing with my GameBoy and my Master System II. That's why this site is cal­led Otakugame.fr ! And why "dot fr"? Because I'm from France ! But I live in Martinique, a lit­tle Island in the French West Indies (FWI), near flo­ri­da 😉 !

I agree, but why have created Otakugame.fr ?

The three fun­da­men­tal rules of Otakugame.fr are :

  • We do not publish a lot, but we try to publish qua­li­ty posts.
  • We do not publish any­thing if we don't have some­thing to say…
  • We try to ans­wer as much as pos­sible to our rea­ders 😉

That sound great ! But… Who is behind this site ?

Our team is cur­rent­ly com­po­sed of :

We are not a lot but we love what we do ;)! Feel free to sup­port us via our Youtube, and our Pinterest !

You know how I can contact you ?

I have no idea !

It's a joke ! Just go to our contact page ;)!