Une date de sortie pour Astria Ascending: The Fated Eight

Astria Ascending, un J-RPG développé par Artisan Studios, sera lancé le 30 septembre sur PlayStation®4 et PlayStation®5!

En attendant, rencontrez Oulan et ses acolytes, les Huit Gras ! Demi Dieux, Ascend!


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Gamer depuis 1984, je suis un grand passionné de jeux vidéos. J'adore particulièrement les jeux japonais et je suis le fier fondateur d'Otakugame.fr !

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1 mois plus tôt

Lol I didn't know magic needed so many muscles…nice

1 mois plus tôt

Wait for Days Gone 2….

Just a guy who loves Death Metal
1 mois plus tôt

Probably will have a mechanic like Pyre where you have to choose a character to "let go" at the end of a play cycle. Thus, it gets harder towards the end with limited characters to choose from.

Just a guess.

Nick ツ
1 mois plus tôt


King Lich101
1 mois plus tôt

Return community and public party plz

Ali Madina
1 mois plus tôt

Halow PlayStation ok forza horayzon5 AND PlayStation 5

1 mois plus tôt

Valkerye profile

Atif Ali
1 mois plus tôt

Trash these types of games I will not play even if they gave me for free

1 mois plus tôt

Playstation are zionist lovers you can say all the wurst in the world but you can say your a zionist as you get a instant ban.. lets boycot zionism and playstation.. playstation should now there place ore the community will move forward to PC Nintendo or Xbox

قيمرز العاب ورحلات ونصائح
1 mois plus tôt

I hope its not online

Lord Dieguito
1 mois plus tôt

Ps2 game? …

Other Prisma
1 mois plus tôt

Now this is what I'm talking about, such a variety of character design and races in a fantasy game!

1 mois plus tôt


1 mois plus tôt

instead of improving servers and functions. You just close, you are terrible.

Dallas MacDougall
1 mois plus tôt

Someone call square cause they stole your font lol

Wizard Scramble
1 mois plus tôt

Trailer these days give wayy to much info about the game. How nice knowing all the playable character before playing it

1 mois plus tôt

Instantly thought of Zodiac: Orcanon Odyssey after seeing the characters and gameplay. Man I remember seeing that trailer years ago and sadly hearing about the PS4 release getting cancelled.

bel games br
1 mois plus tôt

Jogo de celular kkkkk

Cameron TV. Swag?
1 mois plus tôt

Will There Be PlayStation2 Compatibility on the PlayStation5 soon?

1 mois plus tôt

It's like Dragon's Crown

Ñemus Blurritz
1 mois plus tôt


1 mois plus tôt

Vanillaware should send you a thank you. Art design led me to googling them and I realized I missed one of their games last year and I picked a copy up.

john doe
1 mois plus tôt

Pass another with bad graphics

David Meunier
1 mois plus tôt

Demigods Ascend ! <3

Bruno Bernardes
1 mois plus tôt

Estou precisando de recomendações de Rpgs legais no Ps5

1 mois plus tôt

Conker live and reloaded ps4 and 5 please

1 mois plus tôt

Another Vanillaware-wannabe rip-off trying for style over substance

ultra instinct jay
1 mois plus tôt

For next ps plus can you add dragon ball z kakarot

1 mois plus tôt

Dear sir please bless us with ps 5 digital edition in India also please provide us with stock

Preston Rideoutt
1 mois plus tôt

Just imagined if you and Nintendo were still working together, We would get a Playstation Switch 5!

Anuki Kopaliani
1 mois plus tôt

Inbox and get your brand new console from aimcrypt on Insta with a perfect delivery at your doorstep.. ..

Andres Carrero
1 mois plus tôt

Need a copy of this game

Ander Olivera
1 mois plus tôt

a release trailer with only combat? there is no travel at all?

Em Gotas ✔️
1 mois plus tôt


Sam Fisher
1 mois plus tôt


1 mois plus tôt

Still looks clunky.

Jesse Roberts
1 mois plus tôt


Joey N.
1 mois plus tôt

HYPED ;___;

Aarav Desai Alapes Desai
1 mois plus tôt

We need a new ps vita

1 mois plus tôt

Lol, why do their faces look like they've been deepfaked on?

1 mois plus tôt

Pls add nfs heat at the july ps plus

1 mois plus tôt

I hope it runs @ 4k/60

Sun Flower
1 mois plus tôt

Leave this comment here…

People in 2025:
You still alive????

Fadhil Dewabrata
1 mois plus tôt

The kind of games ive been waiting for !! Turn based tactics with deep gameplay, great visual design ! Really hyped for this !!

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