ElAnalistaDeBits – Apex Legends | Mobile – Steam Deck – Switch – PS4 | Graphics Comparison

Dynamic 1080p~720p at ~55fps

Dock: Dynamic 720p at 30fps (common 640p)
Handheld: Dynamic 576p at 30fps (common 512p)

2000x900p in Ultra HD With Galaxy S21 at ~45fps

Steam Deck:
Dynamic 1280x800p at 50fps (Common 680p)
High Settings

– Apex Legends Mobile is standalone. It does not have crossplay with the rest of the platforms.
– Steam Deck runs with all settings set to high except shadow quality (Medium). Dynamic resolution has also been activated by 45%.
– I recommend setting the refresh rate on Steam Deck to 50hz for a more stable experience with the default settings.
– Apex Legends Mobile has numerous cuts in lighting, assets, textures and post-processing effects (which explains its small size). In any case, it is an acceptable version for Smartphones.
– PS4 and Switch have changes in their dynamic resolution since the last update. Now the average resolution is lower on both platforms.
– Steam Deck outperforms PS4 in some settings, but its performance could be better if it’s a verified game on Steam.
– Apex Legends Mobile does not currently support gamepads. It will arrive in the future with a patch.
– Apex Legends Mobile is another example of how fast technology is advancing on Smartphones. We will see in the coming months how its optimization improves.

Music By Zeraví: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBNxYipiIZy8DoteKH4SC3g