ElAnalistaDeBits – FORTNITE Chapter 3 | Playstation – Xbox – Switch – PC – Smartphone | All Versions Comparison

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PS4: 1080p at 60FPS
ONE: 900p at 60FPS
PS4 Pro: 1440p at 60FPS
ONEX: 1800p at 60FPS
Switch: 880p at 30FPS
Series S: 1200p at 60FPS / 1080p at 120FPS
PS5: 2160p at 60FPS / 1440p at 120FPS
Series X: 2160p at 60FPS / 1440p at 120FPS

– Fortnite Chapter 3 is the first game to use Unreal Engine 5 in all Platforms.
– Console versions use TAAU to manage resolution on consoles. In PC, in this case, DLSS has been used in quality mode.
– PC is the only ray-traced version thanks to Nvidia’s RTX. Applies to global lighting, shadows, and reflections. Activating RT in this game is tremendously demanding.
– On consoles, all versions use SSR for reflections except Switch and Smartphones (cubemaps).
– The version of Smartphones in its highest settings is still below the Nintendo Switch in some aspects such as texturing, drawing distance or geometry.
– Nextgen versions (PC, PS5, Xbox Series) include improvements in lighting, shadows, vegetation, draw distance, volumetric clouds and other post-processing effects.
– Xbox versions suffer a random bug with shadows when some visual adjustments are applied (change island time, activate 120fps mode …)
– Loading times are faster on Xbox Series S/X compared to other platforms (excluding PC).
– Xbox Series S/X and PS5 have a 120fps mode with a fairly stable framerate. I have been able to see a more stable framerate on Xbox Series X.
– When activating the 120fps, in PS5 and Series X the quality of the shadows, drawing distance and some post-processing effects are slightly decreased. In Series S volumetric shadows are also deactivated and the quality of reflections decreases.

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00:00 Graphics Comparison
12:44 Switch FPS
13:40 Xbox One FPS
14:37 PS4 FPS
15:32 PS4 Pro FPS
16:31 Xbox One X FPS
17:26 Xbox Series S FPS
19:18 Xbox Series X FPS
21:13 PS5 FPS