ElAnalistaDeBits – Rainbow Six Extraction | PS4 – PS5 – ONE – Series S/X – PC | Graphics Comparison & FPS

PS4: Dynamic 1080p at 30fps (common 972p) | 34,30Gb
PS4 Pro: Dynamic 1440p at 30fps (common 1404p) | 34,30Gb
PS5: Dynamic 2160p at 60fps (common 2016p) & 1080p at 60fps | 46,49Gb
Xbox One: Dynamic 900p at 30fps (common 828p) | 28,90Gb
Xbox One X: Dynamic 1800p at 30fps (common 1728p) | 28,90Gb
Series S: Dynamic 1440p at 60fps (common 1368p) | 46,60Gb
Series X: Dynamic 2160p at 60fps (common 2088p) & 1080p at 60fps | 46,60Gb
PC: 2160p | 44,10Gb

– PC runs on Ultra using an RTX 3080.
– All Oldgen consoles are limited to 30fps.
– PS5 and Series X have an FPS mode. Limit the maximum resolution to 1080p, guaranteeing a stable 60fps. It also adds enhancements to reflections, shadows, lighting, and other effects, but I don’t think it’s worth turning this mode on.
– Ubisoft intends to add a 120fps mode in the future for Nextgen consoles in the future, but no date.
– The FOV can only be adjusted on PC up to 90. On consoles it is limited to 60.
– The average resolution on Series X is slightly higher than PS5.
– Loading times are quite long on all platforms.
– The framerate is stable on all consoles (I have detected some drops in moments of stress in Series, but nothing serious).
– Solid work, but with few improvements on Nextgen consoles.