Streets of Rage 4 – Shiva, Max & Estel Gameplay (Mr. X Nightmare DLC)

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Streets of Rage 4 DLC: Mr. X Nightmare is adding three new playable characters and a special Survival game mode later this year on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. A separate free update is arriving alongside the DLC on all platforms with additional content.

Mr. X Nightmare includes lively new original music from Tee Lopes, a composer and arranger previously featured in Sonic Mania, League of Legends, and Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom among other titles.

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Streets of Rage 4’s console releases were made possible through collaborations with Blitworks, the partner who managed the game’s port to Xbox One and the Microsoft Store, as well as Seaven Studio, the partner behind the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 versions.

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