Gamescom 2015: Discover our cosplay photo gallery!

There was a lot of cosplayers at Gamescom 2015 ! Lightning, Lara Croft or the Link and the Zelda were walking through the Gamescom 2015’s stand for our happiness !

Even the Tomb Raider of Lightning Return DLC was entitled to his Cosplay!

The Lightning Return DLC “Tomb Raider” was cosplayed too !

There was also several cosplay (and dance!) contest at the convention… Some videogames stand had some cosplayed people too. You can discover our 133 pictures of cosplays, It took me a lot of time to select and edit them, and I have to admit that it was difficult, because I’m in holiday, and find a moment for this was not an easy task…

Time is precious. Not true Baby Doll?

Time is precious. Isn’t it Baby Doll?

I know that this is one of the most requested post from the community so… Here are the 133 pictures of gamescom 2015’s cosplays !

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