Preview: With the PRO TAC of Hori, play your PS4 FPS with a keyboard and a mouse!

You’re a PC gamer, but you get sprayed by the players experienced this same platform? Or maybe have you friends on PS4, but you can’t stand to play call of Duty with a PS4 controller? Or even you love playing the mouse, but all the keys on your keyboard confused you? Look no further: Hori introduced us to Gamescom 2016 a solution which is simply bluffing, giving the feeling of playing the FPS (as Overwatch < 3) on PS4 on a PC! It’s called TAC Pro, for Tactical Assault order Pro, and believe me, it deserves its name!

The TAC PRO of Hori mouse is so effective that I'm not sure that this be allowed in eSports ;)!

The TAC PRO of Hori mouse is so effective that I’m not sure that this be allowed in eSports ;)!

We’ll start with a small presentation of Hori, for those who don’t know them! Hori is a Japanese brand that creates and sells Gaming Accessories. She is particularly known for the quality of its arcade stick, but also some products innovative, as the o the pad Xbox One image! Without being unaffordable, the Hori products are quality, far away from the entry level products. Now that you see more or less which is Hori, let’s move on to this product that us pretty excited!

Keyboard mouse for PS4 Hori

Keyboard mouse for PS4 Hori

Consisting of a mini keyboard and a mouse, this pack is really amazing level of responsiveness. Indeed, the emulates mouse movements to the stick, in real time, and with no latency (at least it was imperceptible to me). The fluidity of the movements is simply bluffing! No jolts, no loss of direction of the mouse, even in her posters with left straight, the product is really successful and it’s fun! Then of course, there is a limit: the maximum speed of the character in the game. Of course, if you fun to scroll the mouse quickly from right to left, that saturate the speed of movement of the character in the game who will therefore slow down the mouse, but in-game, this is a situation impossible to reproduce…

Presentation of the Pro TAC of Hori at the Gamescom 2016

Presentation of the Pro TAC of Hori at the Gamescom 2016

Big advantage of this system, if it is designed primarily for the PS4, be aware that it also works on PS3 and the icing on the cake, on PC! Then of course, on PC, there are mice well above the 3200 DPI, but it is enough to start to have something solid on a FPS (as A comparison, my mouse ROG goes up to 5400 DPI, but I play more often in 4000 DPI). The mouse is fully programmable (sensitivity level) in real-time on the fly through a switch located above (an LED indicating the current sensitivity level), but also via a PC software to completely set up your dead zones, accelerations or sensitivity of the mouse! In short, you’ll understand: there are really a product designed “for the Japanese”, where every detail has been thought carefully ;)!

Finally, I will end with a few features that I noticed, even if they seem unnecessary to me, but who have the merit to exist:

  • Button to quickly increase the sensitivity of the mouse
  • “Snipe” button to reduce the responsiveness of the mouse
  • “Walk” button to reduce the movement speed
  • Ability to move to the keyboard, but also to the analog stick

This little wonder should land on Nov. 4, to €149 99, which is very reasonable for this kind of combo and the technology… Talk soon, right out of the product: D!

Note that there are already market the TAC, a similar product, but that was not at all my curiosity… I’ll leave a link to it for those who would inquire on ;)!

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