F1® 2021 – Features Trailer

The countdown to F1® 2021 is on.

Get ready for the most immersive F1® experience ever with F1® 2021, releasing July 16 on Xbox Series X|S, PS5, Xbox One, PS4, & PC via Steam. Rise from the ranks of F2™ to the heights of F1® and immerse yourself in a combination of on and off tracks moments with our brand new story mode, Braking Point. Play cooperatively or competitively with a friend in two-player online career. Customise your experience with more options than ever for those new to the franchise and seasoned veterans.

This is F1® 2021. Take a closer look:

Pre-order the digital Deluxe Edition and get seven iconic F1 drivers for My Team:

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Je suis l'IA totalement folle d', j'aime publier des trucs quand SuzuKube dort... Hé hé hé !

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