Liste des jeux du EA Play ajoutés au Xbox Game Pass !

Jamais un service de jeu vidéo n’avait proposé autant de jeux. Microsoft frappe une fois de plus sur la table en proposant le EA Access sans frais supplémentaires à tous ceux qui disposent d’un abonnement Xbox Game Pass !

Cela sera disponible dès le 15 septembre 2020, sur Xbox One, Xbox Series et Windows 10 ! Et cela ajoute une quantité astronomique de jeux… Voici la liste ci-dessous !

Liste des jeux disponible dans le EA Play

Medal of Honor (2010)DICE Los Angeles
Mr. ShiftyTeam Shifty
Need for Speed Hot PursuitCriterion Games
Peggle NightsPopCap Games
A Way OutHazelight Studios
ApotheonAlientrap Games
AragamiLince Works
Battlefield 4DICE
Battlefield HardlineVisceral Games
Battlefield VDICE
BeholderWarm Lamp Games
Beholder 2Warm Lamp Games
BlackguardsDaedalic Entertainment
Blackguards 2Daedalic Entertainment
Bloodstained Ritual of the NightArtPlay
Bomber CrewRunner Duck
BreathedgeRedRuins Softworks
Burnout Paradise RemasteredCriterion Games
CapsizedAlientrap Games
Chaos on DeponiaDaedalic Entertainment
Command & ConquerWestwood Studios
Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium WarsDICE Los Angeles
Command & Conquer 4 Tiberian TwilightDICE Los Angeles
Command & Conquer GeneralsEA Pacific
Command & Conquer Red AlertWestwood Studios
Command & Conquer Red Alert 2Westwood Pacific
Command & Conquer Red Alert 3DICE Los Angeles
Command & Conquer Red Alert 3 – UprisingDICE Los Angeles
Command & Conquer RenegadeWestwood Studios
Command & Conquer Tiberian SunWestwood Studios
Cosmic Star HeroineZeboyd Games
Crusader No RegretOrigin Systems
Crusader No RemorseOrigin Systems
CryptarkAlientrap Games
Crysis 2Crytek
Crysis 3Crytek
Dead CellsMotion Twin
Dead SpaceVisceral Games
Dead Space 2Visceral Games
Dead Space 3Visceral Games
Dead in VinlandCCCP
Dear Esther Landmark EditionThe Chinese Room
DeponiaDaedalic Entertainment
Deponia DoomsdayDaedalic Entertainment
DetentionRed Candle Games
DiluvionArachnid Games
Dragon Age IIBioWare
Dragon Age OriginsBioWare
Dungeon KeeperBullfrog Productions
Dungeons 3Realmforge Studios
Dungeons of DredmorGaslamp Games
Epistory – Typing ChroniclesFishing Cactus
FIFA 15EA Vancouver
FIFA 16EA Vancouver
FIFA 17EA Vancouver
FIFA 18EA Vancouver
FIFA 19EA Vancouver
FIFA 20EA Vancouver
FTL Faster Than LightSubset Games
For the KingIronOak Games
Fran BowKillmonday Games
Frostpunk11 bit studios
FuriThe Game Bakers
Gone HomeThe Fullbright Company
Goodbye DeponiaDaedalic Entertainment
HacknetTeam Fractal Alligator
Halcyon 6 Lightspeed EditionMassive Damage
Hand of FateDefiant Development
Hiveswap Act 1What Pumpkin Games
Home BehindTPP Studio
HueFiddlesticks Games
Hyper Light DrifterHeart Machine
Into the BreachSubset Games
Jade Empire Special EditionBioWare
Lego Star Wars III The Clone WarsTT Games
Lego Star Wars The Complete SagaTT Games
Legrand Legacy Tale of the FateboundsSemisoft
Lost CastleHunter Studio
Madden NFL 19EA Tiburon
Madden NFL 20EA Tiburon
Mass EffectBioWare
Mass Effect 2BioWare
Mass Effect 3BioWare
Mass Effect AndromedaBioWare
Medal of Honor AirborneDICE Los Angeles
Medal of Honor Allied Assault2015 Inc.
Mini MetroDinosaur Polo Club
Mirror’s EdgeDICE
Mirror’s Edge CatalystDICE
MoonlighterDigital Sun
Mutant Year Zero Road to EdenThe Bearded Ladies
My Time at PortiaPathea Games
Need for Speed (2016)Ghost Games
Need for Speed HeatGhost Games
Need for Speed RivalsGhost Games
Need for Speed Most Wanted (2012)Criterion Games
Nex MachinaHousemarque
Opus MagnumZachtronics
Out of the Park Baseball 20Out of the Park Developments
Overcooked!Ghost Town Games
OxenfreeNight School Studio
PegglePopCap Games
« >Plants vs. ZombiesPopCap Games
Plants vs. Zombies Garden WarfarePopCap Games
Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2PopCap Games
Pony IslandDaniel Mullins Games
PopulousBullfrog Productions
Populous II Trials of the Olympian GodsBullfrog Productions
Project HighriseSomaSim
PyreSupergiant Games
Rebel GalaxyDouble Damage Games
Renowned Explorers International SocietyAbbey Games
Samorost 3Amanita Design
Sea of SolitudeJo-Mei Games
Seasons after FallSwing Swing Submarine
Shadow Tactics Blades of the ShogunMimimi Productions
Shenzhen I/OZachtronics
Shift QuantumFishing Cactus
ShioCoconut Island Games
SimCity (2013)Maxis
SimCity 2000Maxis
SimCity 4Maxis
Sinner Sacrifice for RedemptionDark Star
Slay the SpireMega Crit Games
« >Slime-sanFabraz
Snake PassSumo Digital
Star Wars Battlefront (2015)DICE
Star Wars Battlefront II (2017)Motive Studios
Star Wars BattlefrontPandemic Studios
Star Wars Battlefront IIPandemic Studios
Star Wars Dark ForcesLucasArts
Star Wars Empire at WarPetroglyph Games
Star Wars Episode I – RacerLucasArts
Star Wars Galactic BattlegroundsLucasArts
Star Wars Jedi Knight – Dark Forces IILucasArts
Star Wars Jedi Knight – Jedi AcademyRaven Software
Star Wars Jedi Knight – Mysteries of the SithLucasArts
Star Wars Jedi Knight II – Jedi OutcastRaven Software
Star Wars Knights of the Old RepublicBioWare
Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II – The Sith LordsObsidian Entertainment
Star Wars Rebel AssaultLucasArts
Star Wars Rebel Assault II The Hidden EmpireLucasArts
Star Wars Republic CommandoLucasArts
Star Wars Rogue Squadron 3DFactor 5
Star Wars Shadows of the EmpireLucasArts
Star Wars StarfighterLucasArts
Star Wars TIE FighterTotally Games
Star Wars The Force UnleashedLucasArts
Star Wars The Force Unleashed IILucasArts
Star Wars X-WingTotally Games
Star Wars X-Wing vs. TIE FighterTotally Games
Stealth Bastard DeluxeCurve Studios
Stealth Inc. 2 A Game of ClonesCurve Studios
Sudden Strike 4Kite Games
SuperhotSuperhot Team
TharsisChoice Provisions
The Bard’s Tale TrilogyKrome Studios
The Book of Unwritten TalesKing Art
The Book of Unwritten Tales 2King Art
The Count LucanorBaroque Decay
The EscapistsMouldy Toof Studios
The Escapists 2Team17
The Flame in the FloodThe Molasses Flood
The Invisible HoursTequila Works
The Lego Movie VideogameTT Fusion
The SaboteurPandemic Studios
The Sexy BrutaleTequila Works
The Sims 3The Sims Studio
The Solus ProjectGrip Digital
They Are BillionsNumantian Games
This War of Mine11 bit studios
TitanfallRespawn Entertainment
Titanfall 2Respawn Entertainment
Torchlight IIRunic Games
Trine 2Frozenbyte
Trine Enchanted EditionFrozenbyte
Tropico 5Haemimont Games
Tropico 6Limbic Entertainment
Ultima I The First Age of DarknessOrigin Systems
Ultima II The Revenge of the EnchantressOrigin Systems
Ultima III ExodusOrigin Systems
Ultima IV Quest of the AvatarOrigin Systems
Ultima IX AscensionOrigin Systems
Ultima V Warriors of DestinyOrigin Systems
Ultima VI The False ProphetOrigin Systems
Ultima VII Part Two Serpent IsleOrigin Systems
Ultima VII The Black GateOrigin Systems
Ultima VIII PaganOrigin Systems
Ultimate Chicken HorseClever Endeavour Games
UnravelColdwood Interactive
Unravel TwoColdwood Interactive
Vambrace Cold SoulDevespresso Games
VampyrDontnod Entertainment
Wing CommanderOrigin Systems
Wing Commander II Vengeance of the KilrathiOrigin Systems
Wing Commander III Heart of the TigerOrigin Systems
Wing Commander IV The Price of FreedomOrigin Systems
Wing Commander PrivateerOrigin Systems
Worms W.M.DTeam17
Wuppo« >Knuist & Perzik
Yoku’s Island ExpressVilla Gorilla
Yooka-LayleePlaytonic Games
Battlefield 1DICE
Battlefield 3DICE
Dragon Age: InquisitionBioWare
Need for Speed PaybackLucid Games
Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for NeighborvillePopCap Games
Rocket ArenaFinal Strike Games
Shantae: Half-Genie HeroWayForward Technologies
The Sims 4Maxis