Overwatch : Une nouvelle carte teasée, la Havana de Cuba !


Après la sur­prise de l'ajout d'un héro haï­tien dans Overwatch, Baptiste, voi­ci que Blizzard nous fait un petit tea­ser avec un jour­nal nous mon­trant des pay­sages cari­béens…


Du coup, la pro­chaine map d'Overwatch devrait donc être à la Havana, une ville qui se situe sur l'île de Cuba, une des plus grande de la Caraïbes ^^ !

L'extrait de jour­nal dif­fu­sé sur PlayOverwatch

On a même la tra­duc­tion (en anglais) :

A Local Legacy Forgotten

How Don Rumbotico’s inter­na­tio­nal fame is slow­ly era­sing its foun­ders from the nar­ra­tive

By Marise Solis

These days, eve­ryone knows Don Rumbotico. Savor Quality. Only the Best. Ads in warm, rich colors, and a logo fea­tu­ring a well-dres­sed omnic. But few out­side of Havana know of the distillery’s home­town roots and contro­ver­sial recent his­to­ry.

“Don Rumbotico was never meant to be a major ope­ra­tion,” says Alicia Diaz, their many-gene­ra­tions-great grand­daugh­ter. We sit toge­ther in a local bar, and a giant bill­board adver­ti­sing Don Rumbotico—Only the Best!—is visible from the win­dow. “Back then, it real­ly was about qua­li­ty.”

Almost two cen­tu­ries ago, Clara and Basilio Diaz used their savings to open a small rum dis­til­le­ry. It was a modest fami­ly busi­ness, spe­cia­li­zing in small batch, bar­rel-aged rum. Until 2060, few out­side of Cuba knew the name Don Rumbotico, but the brand was wild­ly popu­lar in Havana. Alicia, like the gene­ra­tions of Diazes before her, is an expert rum-maker. The clas­sic Don Rumbotico recipe is a clo­se­ly-guar­ded fami­ly secret, and one cele­bra­ted as a Cuban favo­rite.

But things have chan­ged in recent years. An ano­ny­mous finan­cial group expres­sed inter­est in pur­cha­sing the com­pa­ny and dis­til­le­ry. “They offe­red us a lot of money,” Alicia says. “It could have chan­ged our lives. But Don Rumbotico is my family’s lega­cy, and you can’t put a price on that.”

At first, the Diaz fami­ly refu­sed. But then rum ship­ments began to go mis­sing. When the dis­til­le­ry bur­ned down in a sus­pec­ted case of arson, the Diaz fami­ly was left with nothing. They were for­ced to sell the com­pa­ny for a sli­ver of its worth.

Now, Don Rumbotico is a world­wide brand, and its unfor­tu­nate his­to­ry has been sani­ti­zed for public consump­tion. Basilio Diaz’s kind­ly, fami­liar visage on the label is gone, repla­ced by shi­ny chrome. The dis­til­le­ry has been rebuilt, but the recipes are dif­ferent. “You can taste the dif­fe­rence. It’s not the same,” says Alicia.

Don Rumbotico isn’t the only belo­ved local icon to suf­fer unwel­come changes. The Havana Sea Fort, a his­to­ri­cal land­mark, has been pro­tec­ted by the Cuban govern­ment for cen­tu­ries. But two years ago, it was bought by the same group who pur­cha­sed Don Rumbotico and became pri­vate pro­per­ty. Like the rum dis­til­le­ry, the sea fort, too, is almost unre­co­gni­zable. Now, secu­ri­ty guards patrol its grounds and unfa­mi­liar heli­cop­ters traf­fic through its airs­pace, while its doors remain clo­sed to the public for the fore­seeable future.

“The face of Havana is chan­ging,” Alicia says. Throughout our conver­sa­tion, she hasn’t tou­ched her drink. Don Rumbotico gazes down from the bill­board out­side, the brim of his fedo­ra cas­ting a sha­dow across his metal face. “Sometimes it feels like we’re losing a piece of our­selves. Or maybe we’ve alrea­dy lost it.”

Cuba Braces for Hurricane Fernand
By Ermando Álvarez

Hurricane Fernand swept in from the Atlantic on Tuesday, floo­ding the Florida coast­line and hea­ding south toward the Bahamas. The Category 3 storm is due to hit Guardalavaca by Thursday and work its way up the coast to Havana. Winds of up to 193 kmh are pro­jec­ted, along with sub­stan­tial floo­ding.

Communities along the coast­line are being eva­cua­ted. Hurricane Ferdinand is expec­ted to cause mas­sive damage, even inland. “It’s not a small storm,” said Governor Oriole Delgado during a press confe­rence yes­ter­day. “Don’t try to wait it out. Take eve­ry pre­cau­tion to ensure your safe­ty and head inland as soon as pos­sible.”


Plus qu'à sur­veiller le PTR, mais ça sent la carte pay­load ^^ ! En effet,
Blizzard World était une carte Hybride, Paris une carte 2 CP, Busan une carte KOTH, donc logi­que­ment cette nou­velle carte devrait être une carte "Payload", à l'image de celle de Venise ^^ !

Petit résu­mé de Potxeca :

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